RAZOR Alliance – Occam’s Namesake?

“Ha-ha-ha! Hello, boys! I’m back!” – Russel Casse, Independence Day

This was certainly enjoyable theater.

But I’m not convinced RAZOR Alliance’s info film accurately predicts the psycological state of their carebears if those carebears were to meet the ginormous Thor “Darwin” missile. It seems there might be a simpler outcome. They might just shrug and get in another ship – rinse, lather, repeat. It’s the power of habit that matters. More on that in a later post. It’s time to login and see what the Goons are up to!

Edit (04:30:) Well, I am no longer war-decced by the largest alliance in New Eden. It seems they found a bigger chew toy. However, I am still war-decced by a seven capsuleer splinter corporation named Goonwaffle… oops, sorry, misread that – they are Goonwaffie. Is that like Goonwaffe only smaller?

Fly careful.

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