Barge Changes now on SiSi!

Some days it just sucks being on the west coast of North America.

I got this link from Morphisat’s Blog and am sharing the wealth:

Kudos to Nuadi for putting this together so quickly!

My first impression? Gods, I love the tank on these barges! The Skiff shows an Eve HP of over 86k. Even a nano-fit Skiff has much thank as my current Hulk. Well, that really throws a wrench onto the gears of perma-geddon. I can already hear the wails…

The Ore holds are looking good too. No longer does a miner need an alt (or trusted buddy) with an Iteron V to haul out the ore. These barges can haul.

As soon as I can get onto SiSi (5 more hours at least damn it) I may have more to say.

Until then…

Fly Careful.

7 comments on “Barge Changes now on SiSi!

  1. Eh there's a few of us. Look me up sometime… EVE time is gradually (but very, very slowly) increasing to nearly-able-to-do-something-more-than-update-skills … and for being part of SoCo, I spend the majority of my time in lowsec and even some in hisec. 🙂


  2. Another problem for permageddon is that Goons will really feel the pinch once Platinum Technite alchemy is in full swing. CCP Fozzie just announced that the new system will use a more generous ratio than had initially been stated.

    Here's what a Goon finance director had to say:
    “Yeah, it's going to be a significant reduction. Gonna have to figure out what to cut to get our expenses to a reasonable level. “

    Ever since Goons started messing with Mabrick things have gone from bad to worse for them!


  3. Yes, a lot of effort went into that reddit post ! Very well done. Looks like the Hulk is getting a bit of the short end of the stick. It might get buffed a little more ?

    Otherwise it might be safer to mine in a Skiff. The mack sure looks good now as well. No longer is it just an iceminer.


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