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Reading through the Eve Online forums concerning the CW2 and the new Bounty Hunting changes (and not a few blogs,) there are a lot of people exclaiming great concern, nigh on tears of rage, over the possibility of pirates – or just about anyone – being griefed out of the game.

So I ask myself, what would someone have to do to warrant such griefing? They would surely have to upset someone with a fair amount of ISK. It was stated in a comment to my GCC post that no one would dare blow up even one of Greedy Goblin’s freighters because it would be chump change for him to immediately put a billion ISK bounty on the pirate’s head. Or it could be some person with many, many disciples… um, I mean corporation members who will do anything asked. It’s occurred to me that rather than just declare war against a single person carebear corporation, they could just put an insanely high bounty on my head using a temporary alt (no connection established you see and thus no bad publicity *wink*) and grief me forever.

So why should this be so alarming? Eve Players have this mistaken idea that being a pirate or a renegade is some romantic stick-it-to-the-man occupation. They seem to think they should be able to do as they please without consequences they don’t like. That piracy is a good life full of women, strong rum and juicy tears.

The reality is, it was a hard life full of deprivation and hardship. The rum was watered down and most lives ended early and violently. Let’s have a look at some of history’s more famous pirates and see how they fared living such a life.

Edward Teach aka Blackbeard
Eventually cornered by HMS Jane and HMS Ranger. After devastating both Sloops with a broadside, he boarded a seemingly empty HMS Jane only to be surprised by the crew erupting from the hold. During the pitched battle that ensued, Blackbeard was surrounded and killed by no less than five bullets and twenty sword slashes. His headless body was discarded into the water while his bearded head hung as a trophy from HMS Jane’s bowsprit so the bounty could be collected.

John Rackham aka Calico Jack
Captured in 1721 by forces sent by the Governor of Jamaica. He was tried for piracy, convicted and hung. His dead body was displayed in public as a warning to all who would be pirates. Anne Bonny is reported to have told him while he was awaiting execution, “if he had fought like a Man, he need not have been hang’d like a Dog.”

Bartholomew Roberts aka Black Bart
He was the most successful pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy. Records state he had 470 vessels from his piracy. He is reported to have said of life, “No, a merry life and a short one shall be my motto.” He died at the age of 39, struck in the neck by grape shot fired from HMS Swallow. His crew hastily buried him at sea in accordance with his wishes.

But what about the lady pirates? Did they fare any better?

Anne Bonny
Captured along with Calico Jack. Tried, convicted and sentenced to hang. Along with Mary Read, she “pleaded her belly.” The execution was put off until proof of pregnancy could be seen. She seems to have escaped with the assistance of her wealthy father, but the evidence is disputed.

Mary Read
She meets the same end as Anne Bonny except she dies of a fever in prison rather than having a wealthy father who helps her escape.

So, other than Anne Bonny, who had an ace in the hole, both the men and the women died before the natural end of their lives. They had some success, but in the end, their actions brought life ending retribution.

There’s that word again. And it is the most appropriate word. The pirates of New Eden have for too long been allowed to do as they wish without any serious consequences to their actions. Real pirates couldn’t sail into Kingston harbor unless their cannons were primed and even then they had no chance of sailing out again. They lived on the periphery of civilization where they often had inadequate provisions and always inadequate retirement plans. The only adequate thing was the rum and more than one captain of pirates came to his end because the crew was too drunk to do anything about it.

So, to those who would derive their fun in Eve Online preying on others, watch out who you upset. Either live the life Black Bart subscribed to, or HTFU. No one in New Eden gets a mulligan. All sales are final. And pirates need to understand there are consequences for antisocial behavior. Undocking is permission to PvP. This is just another form of PvP. I for one will risk being griefed to make that abundantly clear to those who would rather hang like a dog.

Fly Careful

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  1. Doubt they'd care tbh. Right now they can find you via locator agents and go and kill you in low sec cuz you are “flying around in low”.

    I don't understand how having a bounty will change that situation. Considering that the bounties are such that only a % of the iskies are paid out for the kill based off of your ship loss I don't see very many people being all that interesting as targets.

    People in low sec come to uneasy, semi-violent living arrangements with those that inhabit the same systems. If peeps wanted you now they'd get you now. The changes won't make you that much juicier to the average person after you.

    Tis why I wondered if it was a carrot and could the iskie payout truly pull 'bounty hunters' and 'anti-pirates' into low sec to hunt the wanted.


  2. I was just reading this and scratching my head for a moment wondering “Eh?”. Then, I remembered that there is this whole high sec fretting thing going on and I understood your post (I think).

    I'm puzzled by the upsetedness of those that PvP in high sec over the change.

    Some of my alliance mates love high sec PvP and instead of wardecing antipirates or whatever has been done in the last for them to indulge, they can now use the bounty system and kill right system to hunt and gather in a more productive manner.

    What it seems to say, is that people really did consider high sec 'safe'. They understood its terms and were happy about it. Trapped into a little fight with a small target the old aggression mechanics sheltered them from the rest of the world. Fights didn't become the 3 and 4 ways with random bomber fleets just blapping everyone as it does in other parts of the game.

    From the low sec looking high, the tears over kill rights and bounties amaze me.


  3. I'm actually hoping that the bounty changes don't force me back into high sec. Right now I don't draw very much attention flying around in low, but I've upset a few people who are able to generate a lot of money very quickly with very little effort. December 4th is going to be interesting.


  4. Socializing while being in a wormhole?

    Aren't we the most antisocial communities?

    Hidden away in a hardly accessible sort of nullsec where everyone just kills eachother on sight and has hardly anything to do with the New Eden world except to sell and buy stuff.

    Many highsec carebears might be oblivious to the fact that they are part of a larger environment. I would say wormhole players willfully exclude themselves from it as much as possible.

    That being said, I fully agree with your points like I have said before on your GCC post. I would actually spend time in highsec again if I could fly around hunting griefers actively even if they did nothing to me personall. Just because it is a PVP opportunity that would be easy to come by and I'd feel good about too.


  5. Also Mabrick when they do get CONCORDOKKENED for shooting you it generates a Kill Right that you can get paid for now … so you might get some back, none back, or a lot more depending. It might be worth the experience if you've got the time =D.

    I think that in the short term, and regardless of the complaints from the various groups, this does make HS a bit safer. The longer term has a way of shaking out that is hard to predict given the inventiveness that pilots have shown in the past with ninja/can flip/suicide ganking.

    The global flag change is going to force ninja thieves to adapt rather quickly.

    The casual gank and profit is going to be much harder… you get targeted by everyone and anyone stealing from the wreck is targeted by everyone making profit taking a risky part of the equation along with the gank. Whoever uses their freighter to scoop the loot is at greater risk than the guy that got ganked in the first place. I might hang out in Uedema just to legally gank thieves stealing from wrecks.

    The can flipping that is left after the ore hold changes will go away since the victim is allowed to can flip back without any flagging at all starting a Limited Engagement(LE).

    As someone that has engaged in a long list of HS hijinx I welcome there being more skin in the game. These changes all told make “Pirate Hunting” and self policing in HS a viable possibility.


  6. Excellent comment. Good point re: rules of engagement.

    And I don't think most pirates are complaining. Its mostly high sec pubbies that are complaining. Actual pirates have sec stat issues and dozens of kill rights on them that make high sec essentially impossible. Its just suicide gankers that are wailing and rending garments. And their tears are the sweetest tears of all.


  7. Thank you! You are the first person, blogger or otherwise, that has mentioned that engagement rules in HS DON'T change. You can put a bounty on me, but since I've shot no one there is no kill right to transfer. You shoot, you get CONCORDOKKENED.

    As for hilarity, I agree. I imagine there will be some old scores settled. Then there will be the gaming attempts. Then there will be goonswarm putting a bounty on everyone else. Maybe those last two will reverse as they did with the War Dec changes. Regardless, I certainly hope CCP is ready or the avalanche of petitions.


  8. The change isn't that radical to warrant the rending of garments on the bounty front. HS players getting high bounties will occur but the rules of engagement in HS don't change — therefore anyone looking to collect has to wardec you or suicide just like now. It sweetens the pot but doesn't alter the balance.

    What does warrant a “oh shit” or two is the change to the kill rights which do in fact make “retribution” a very interesting global flag instead of a pilot specific one. This change stands to dramatically alter along with CW2 the consequences of HS violence outside of wardecs.

    I don't think we will really see the full effects until several months of shakeout. I suspect that everyone in HS is going to be very nervous pulling any triggers day one. Especially if they get bugs in the system — hilarity will ensue.


  9. You are correct. That too is part of the antisocial definition above (#2.) However, I socialize a lot – as much as living in a WH allows that sort of thing – so please don't lump me into that group. But still, there are a lot of high-sec carebears who play the ostrich. Maybe if they felt everyone wasn't out to get them that would change. Maybe they'll become more social once they realize they don't always have to be the victim and that retribution is possible… hmmm, I feel another blog post coming on. *knowing smile*


  10. I disagree on the anti social aspect. As far as empire “society” goes, we pirates are the scum of the earth, or space, or w/e. Where nullsec is concerned, a low sec status means youre not a carebear ratting sites to have a shiny sec.

    In low sec though? A true pirate, one who actually tries to make a living out of it? A high bounty is a trophy to be shown off at every oppurtunity. The Rebels I hang with, nay, every person Ive fought against has been socialable and willing to engage in conversation about the fight and why they or I exploded and kind of spoils either of us were able to aquire.

    So really, it depends on where in society you live that is considered antisocial, imo. From where I stand, you industrialists who do not interact with other players are antiscoial.


  11. Hi MB, well said. As for the term antisocial, it is literally any behavior that is against (anti) society (social.)

    Adjective: 1. Contrary to the laws and customs of society; devoid of or antagonistic to sociable instincts or practices. 2. Not sociable; not wanting the company of others.
    Synonyms: unsociable – unsocial

    It can be as innocuous as refusing to pay taxes or as hideous as pedophilia. Our modern society is so hyped on sensationalistic journalism that I often feel we automatically take the worst possible definition of everything. There was a time when rape meant only to abduct. Now of course it means to sexually assault. So, I mean no offense by the term and I certainly don't mean to rank pirates up there with pedophiles. However, it is the most accurate word to describe the essence of piracy.


  12. Nice read. I do like reading about the pirates of old, there are some fascinating stories from history out there if you look in the right places.

    Are people really complaining that a bounty on their heads will mean they will be harassed? I find this incredible. If say somebody placed an excessively high bounty on my head and it meant I was hunted like a dog, then I'd be extremely happy. If this means more pvp, what's not to like? It is pvp that I enjoy after all, win or lose, and this is a pvp game right?

    Also, I have seen the term antisocial used quite often recently aimed at those who 'like to get their kicks out of blowing up others'. Is this really antisocial behaviour? I don't see it myself. I liken my playstyle the same as I would a game of chess or a round of golf.



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