Class 3 Wormhole Profit Potential

Last Monday I gave a rundown on the ISK I’ve made in the first two months of wormhole life in our Class 3. It was not a straightforward calculation. I’d spent considerable ISK on ships and, since they are all still in the POS, the ISK spent is not really gone. It’s just shifted into a less liquid form. After taking that into account, I determined I’d made nearly three quarters of a billion ISK since entering the wormhole.

While I was working on the numbers for that post, I got to wondering what the profit potential of a Class 3 really is. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know. How much money could I make – or more likely “we make” because I have no delusions of how much I alone can accomplish? It became its own feedback loop in my cerebellum. So even before the blog banter post I started working on the answer. I started with the easiest thing first: anomaly potential.

This is the easiest because the corporation has strict accounting of loot/salvage and all members get the payout email regardless of whether they participated or not. From those emails I was able to get the ISK value, the number of participants and the number of sites cleared. That allowed me to create an income table. This is what I ended up with:

Anomaly Loot and Salvage

Like most (all?) wormhole corporations, we strive to have no anomalies in the hole. Having them around just invites raiders who then get the loot instead of us. It might be fun to tangle with raiders, but that’s not a profit earning scenario. To that end, we’ve run sites a total of 16 times in the past two months. We have cleared out 63 anomalies. The average number of ships we have running them is just under 4.

But the really important number is just behind “total.” In two months we’ve taken just over three billion ISK in Loot. The profit potential of the anomalies spawned by a Class 3 wormhole is approximately 1.5 billion ISK a month. But is that the most profitable endeavor available? That seems to be the common wisdom. I wanted to know for certain. The feedback loop continued.

I’ve not gone into any magnetometric sites so can’t say what they might bring for loot and salvage. I have helped clear one radar site in the the two months of records I have. We got 155 million ISK from that site. That keeps it in line with the best anomalies. I was told it was a bad drop. Knowing that, I’d say it might yield perhaps double an anomaly. That’s sheer guesswork but I think it’s a sound bet and it doesn’t make them more profitable as they spawn much less frequently. The risk to reward isn’t there either. Some of those Sleepers scram. Any ship loss while running the site kills the profit completely. They require a battleship to take the DPS dealt.

That leaves the profit potential of the remaining two types of sites to look at. That is a much more difficult task. We need to know what’s possible to even begin. Here is the list of possible spawns in our Class 3 taken from EVE Eye:

Class 3 Sites

I have done some ore mining and gas harvesting but I have yet to completely clear a site with the exception of one ladar site. That leaves me with little real data. However, taking the list above and using EVElopedia and Eve Survival, I created a spreadsheet to calculate total potential value of a given site. I used current market prices as a base, rounding down as needed. Here are the two tables I ended up with:

Ladar Site Total Values
Gravimetric Site Total Values

As you can see, the best ladar site brings in just over a half billion ISK if completely harvested. The worst brings in just under two million ISK. That’s hardly worth the time. There will also be sleepers in these sites though that might provide a little extra profit. I know from personal experience the Vast Frontier Reservoir has eight (8) cruiser class Sleepers and can bring in around an addition 30 million ISK in loot and salvage with a decent drop.

The real ISK winner though is on the gravimetric table. Completely clearing a Rarified Core Deposit will gross the fleet over two billion ISK – with a B! Even the worst gravimetric brings in almost as much ISK as the best ladar site. There are two catches though. Whereas I can clear a Vast Frontier Reservoir by myself in a couple hours or less, it would take a mining fleet in hulks with an Orca and mining foreman links to clear the Uncommon Core Deposit before it disappears or raiders find the mining fleet. Still, at 2.3 billion a field, those ‘roids are definitely worth chewing on. Be careful though. That spawn comes with a Sleeper battleship and it has neut, web and scram. Also included for fun are two cruisers with neut and web. Believe me, they know how to use them too. They will kill you dead, dead, dead unless you can tank the approximate 650 DPS AND not run out of capacitor.

So, the final question is how much per month total could a corporation make in a Class 3 wormhole? That would all depend on how the spawns go, but I would think that, with diligence and at least a half dozen industrialists, a corporation could clear ten billion ISK a month with excellent spawns. A more likely scenario would be three to five billion ISK a month. Hauling it out and refining it in high-sec would bring even more when it came to the ores. How much I can’t say right now. I also haven’t included PI income. That might add another half billion per capsuleer if they all had maxed skills and plenty of factory slots to make Nanite Repair Paste. Looks like I’ve got some more spreadsheets in my future.

Fly Careful

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  1. Nice analysis but I am not sure your estimations of the grav site are correct though. Ore itself is not valuable, the resulting minerals are. The refining arrays in POS have a terrible waste factor. What most indy corps do (us included), we mine one or two extra large arrays full, then fire up a Rorqual and export the compressed ore to empire for refining (which costs fuel btw). Then bring the minerals back if we need to build something or drop them on the market. Overall time effort for ISK is – imho – not worth it. You are exposed during mining and hauling and some ship / pod losses are inevitable. You tie up an entire fleet (miners, spotters, haulers) who could make more ISK raiding neighbor's anomalies. It can be quite good if you can muster an army of alts mining with the main characters spotting and scanning for new WHs.

    I am not saying mining is useless – far from it – but the entire chain compared with raiding anoms and / or PI as ISK / hour it seems pitiful.

    PS. My experience is _mostly_ C2. I have done some mining in our C4 where the PvP danger is of course far reduced.


  2. I have to go with Ignas on this one. It takes seconds to locate every anomaly in a hole and then another second to find the one the fleet is running. I don't need scan probes to do it. You have no way to know I am doing it. If you didn't catch us on your d-scan coming through the hole you are SOL. We are all cloaked. Once we have you one of us warps to some distance, bookmarks the nearest wreck to the fleet and then the entire T3 fleet lands on you with a bubble. Your only recourse at that point is to take as many with you as you can.


  3. Mab, I really would suggest for your corp to move to a c5. 3bil a month is ridiculous. 2 Moroses, 2 carriers and a rapier can net 2bil/h in a c5 from 3 unfinished sites, rinse and repeat after DT.


  4. One thing you might want to consider is reacting. Reacting w-space gas to make T3 ships is the obvious one but if your route to high sec is reliable you could even consider importing cobalt, platinum, evaporite etc from Jita and exporting it as T2 modules. Low security moons are quite hard to maintain in low sec whereas in W-space people aren't likely to attack them just because you have reactors there.


  5. I can and I know one other capsuleer in HBHI can. I don't own one though, I opted for a Proteus. I know our CEO just purchased a Proteus so he probably can fly a Tengu too. I'd say the cost is the only down side to that for me. I'm cheap. I'd rather spend 250 million on a Megathron than over half a billion on a Tengu. I'll get over that eventually… maybe. LOL


  6. Are you training to a Tengu yet? 2-4 spider tank tengu's can handle every c3 site and are damn hard to scan down. This makes it much more difficult for people to jump you without substantial prep.


  7. Only because I am running all 5 of my accounts, with an additional alt. so I have 8 toons gathering my p2, then 1 toon with 2 advance planets of gel matrix biopaste 2 planets of bio chips, 1 planet split between nanites and oxides. 1 other toon with a full planet of nanites.

    I get roughly 600 biopaste and data chips daily, and 3k nanites



  8. How in the name of ancient Earth do you get enough P3 products for two full lines? With a one person PI line I get 72 of the needed P3s every day. That's only 720 units of NRP. By your number you'd have to have 14 advanced factories churning out your P3 products. That's… a lot.


  9. Fully running 2 production lines of nanite repair paste now, I scrapped my nano factories as too work intensive. I am able to produce about 10k of paste a day now or about 150m isk a day just from paste. The anoms and grav sites are a bonus. When I can run them.



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