Goons up to their same old tired pranks.

If I said this is a complete surprise I’d be lying.

I’m tempted to fly out tonight just to see what happens. Maybe I’ll run into more than the four (4) Goons I saw during our war. I wonder how many people will shoot at me just because I’ve a bounty on my head? I wonder what the bounty is on The Mittani’s head? Don’t worry, I didn’t contribute. I have more sense than to waste my ISK.

Fly Careful

9 comments on “Goons up to their same old tired pranks.

  1. In clarification, nothing has changed about WHEN a person can be hit. A character in good standing, in high sec, with insurance, will still result in Concord shooting the ganker, with no insurance for the ganker, and the bounty payout is the difference between the ship value and the insured value (if insured).

    For example, a high sec player is in a ship worth 100 million. Insured value is 80 million. The value difference is 20 million. A ganker pops the ship and gets Concorded. He collects 20% of the 20 million, or 4 million. This was tested. So, the gankers get a little cash out of the gank, and stand to get substantially more if the victim's ship is uninsured.

    A bounty doesn't make it open season an a player, it's just more of an incentive for a gank, to varying degress.


  2. LOL Goons gonne be goons… and just to share the luv… my friends (I mean it, really good friends of mine) put a 500,000 bounty on me last night to welcome in Retribution… they were givin away bounties like cake at a birthday party… LOL


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