The Start of a New Chapter

So, you thought we were done with WH space? You thought we’d been run out? You thought we thought we couldn’t handle it? Well, in that last part you were partly correct. HBHI is a small corporation. We have eight (8) members spread across four time zones. If five (5) of us are on at any given time it’s practically a miracle.

Now, this fits fine with my play style. I spent four years by myself, doing the mining and industry thing. But that’s no way to run a C3. When Surely You’re Joking decided to “get Mabrick” they showed that a well run small gang could quickly and effectively shut us down and there wasn’t a hell of a lot we could do about it.

That didn’t sit well with HBHI but not in the way you might think. We didn’t get mad. We didn’t smack talk – well, I didn’t smack talk. We didn’t cry juicy tears because this is EVE and shit happens. We did, however, want to know what we could do to get better. The members of Surely You’re Joking are nothing if not enthusiastic about sharing their insights – after they get the ransom of course. I mean, they ARE mercenaries after all. *LOL*

So we talked. We got invites to roams which I have not had a chance to pursue yet. You see, I’ve been dog busy moving out of a C3 and then rounding up all our stuff since we couldn’t get it all out with one static. Hey, here’s a quick aside for you. If you want to make your freighter runs a lot faster, get a buddy in a damn fast frigate with a web to sling-shot you into warp. In PvP I learned you never web then point, you always point then web. Here’s why.

Anyway, that’s a quick lesson on web warping a freighter and a long tangent. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Surely You’re Joking are a great bunch of guys and gals once you get to know them. So, we did some talking, and then we talked some more and then the next thing I knew I was providing a full API to my CEO. Day before yesterday we got the official word from Pell Helix, CEO of Surely You’re Joking. HBHI is now a member of the alliance. The paperwork came through last night.

So now you know why all the secrecy. We didn’t want to blather about it only to look the fools if we didn’t meet muster. Fortunately, we did and we are in!

For now we have moved into their C6 for some get to know you time – also know as probation. We have a nice new medium POS all to ourselves – also known as something their Dreadnoughts can put into reinforced in about 10 seconds should we turn out to be spies  After that, we’ll settle in a new hole along with one or two other HAHA corporations from what I’m told. That will give us the numbers we need to defend what is ours. Next time, we WILL be ready.

Fly Careful

10 comments on “The Start of a New Chapter

  1. Congratulations! If I see you now in space in a hauler, I know you are a experienced, hard hitting, square-jawed space killer and I shall show no quarter.

    _very_ much looking forward to read about your new adventures!


  2. So instead of leaving your C3 for high sec you have moved into the deepest hole you could find! Looking forward to the stories about life in the C6, not much coverage about this in blogs yet.

    Did you get any words yet from your new CEO about self-censorship and handing out dangerous information in your blog?


  3. Well, it seems I missed the opportunity to get into the hole yesterday. I had 60 jumps worth of freighter run to make for HBHI anyway. I've also not been told what the medium POS has in the way of arrays. But rest assured, I'll need an income stream back in place before a month is out if I'm going to support the T3 habit I'm bound to get into.


  4. Oh, they have their industrialists for sure. But you are correct in one thing, everyone has to be able to fly a Strategic Cruiser and will be expected to respond when called to action. However, I will always be a carebear at heart and pointing a POD is different than actually shooting one. *wink*


  5. Churoman Westinflo in game. You're going to have to alter the text of, “The Meaning of Being Mabrick” Don't think that first sentence will pass muster with SYJ.


  6. Its a running joke that you need to be jihaded by SYJ before you can join SYJ.
    Welcome to the alliance Mabrick, I hope you enjoy your time with us.

    PS: how soon before you have some industry setup in the home system? 😉


  7. You totally should steal all their stuff in a couple of months 🙂

    But seriously good luck with the new adventure. I look forward to the day when Mabrick is one of the most feared names in Eve pvp!


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