Upcoming Enhancements now on SiSi

A picture is worth a thousand words or so the saying goes. I figured that in this instance, that would be true. So, I logged into the test server Singularity, SiSi for short, and made a quick video of some of the enhancements currently in testing.

This video shows you what the new display menus for system and route currently look like. It also discusses the route painted on the star box a la connect the dots and what that entails for the future.

Oh, and I recently picket up this annoying Chinese water torture like sound in my audio and can’t get it out. If anyone can tell me what the hell that electronic dit-dit-dit-dit-dah noise is (and it’s not Morse Code, I know Morse,) and how to get rid of it I’d be very grateful. The crackling is unfortunately an artifact of my cheap headset when the microphone is put into loop-back so I can capture the audio. Sorry about that. I’ll be upgrading soon.

EDIT 1/30/13: The sound is gone tonight. The only difference in the electronics in the house? We moved the First Response base station we use for our 93 year old Aunt (push a button on a pendant, it calls for help – think “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) back to it’s original location in her bedroom. Last week we moved it into the kitchen so we could paint the room this week. We set it up next to the coffee pot, but I think more importantly, the telephone base station which was subsequently plugged into it in relay. Two transceivers connected to the phone line transmitting on similar frequencies? Yeah, I believe that’s were the interference came from. I am so happy it’s gone now. Good thing I ordered the Sennheiser PC350 headset at lunch! 8D

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  1. Not all that much has changed in my man cave but I will continue to investigate. I hadn't thought about worn wires though. I'll have to start inspecting cables next.


  2. I thought about that. I had my Logitech transceiver plugged in right next to the front audio jacks I use for the headset. So, when I installed the extra Media hard drive on Sunday I moved the transceiver to the rear of the tower. The noise persists. It still could be something electronic though as the noise is very regular. I will continue to investigate other signal emitters.


  3. If it's what I'm thinking of then it's radio interference. It could be a competing device if you have wireless, or a bad cord, stripped insulation or failing connection.

    A new headset should take care of it, but if not, look around for radio sources (any Class A or Class B electronic device counts, as do wireless phones, microwave ovens, etc.).


  4. It could be interference too. Have you moved anything electronic/electrical near the computer or added anything new to the computer lately? Moved a fan, monitor or anything closer to the computer, put something on top of it or added a new card?

    Try re-seating all cards on the computer too, it might be just a loose card or a little corrosion on a card connector. Flushing out the connectors with electrical contact cleaner might help too.


  5. I'd expect the noise to be more random if it were a failing microphone but who knows with my cheap $20 Logitech portable crap-set. I am ordering a new headset this week (thank you IRS!) I'd love to get an Astro A40 but GAH, they are too proud of that headset. I like the idea of the Turtle Beach Z6A with full 5.1 but I'm not putting a pound of headset on no matter how well padded it is. So that brings me to the Sennheiser PC350: right price, right weight, even comes with Jester's recommendation.


  6. If you have a look at the video, I have no timers active, NOOB! *ROTFL* Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. I have eliminated that it is EVE related. The odd sound is present in other applications too. 8-(


  7. Good video. Enjoyed. But that audio … augh! Sounds like your mic is going … or maybe some dirty connections.

    Try a different headset/microphone, and see if the problem still persists. If it does, the problem probably lies with the soundcard.


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