The State of Wormhole Space

There is a very interesting (to me at least) discussion going on over on reddit about the state of Anoikis. The post that started it off was this one by Hisecnoob:

“Hi All. I have been wanting to jump into W space for a while now, but after doing some research I have seen a concerning trend with W space. Multiple posts on Reddit (Aperture Harmonics moving for example) and in the EVE forums talk about how certain classes of WH being almost entirely abandoned, Class six space specifically. Whats happening? Is WH space taking a massive hit? or is it a phase?”

To be sure, there have been some changes ongoing in higher class wormholes. To be sure, Surely You’re Joking (SYJ) has been a part of those changes. We were hired to do a job. We did it well. That’s what we do. But it’s important to understand the turmoil was already there. We didn’t instigate the issue, we just helped one party in the argument make a point. And that’s sometimes how alliances go. It’s no different than what happens in null-sec or faction war or anywhere else in New Eden.

That’s the great thing about Eve Online. It’s always changing like that. If you’re curious about what’s happening in the most secret corners of New Eden, go give the thread a read. There is some interesting, and sometimes surprising, information in it. And don’t worry about “the state of wormhole space.” It is precisely as it has always been.

I think the best reddit comment about life in a wormhole was made by calmdownroundeye. I’m going to excerpt it here because I couldn’t say it better myself,

“You don’t get breaks living out of a wormhole; you’re usually either 100% PvPing, or 100% heavy grinding, and in true Wormhole fashion, there’s no lazy mode kick the chair back afternoon and do some easy shit… it’s either hard grind, hard PvP, or hard logistics running.”

I can attest to this. There is no activating your ship and not paying attention. There are no lazy days in Anoikis. For example, we had a little incident not long ago where most of the online pilots were out on a null-sec roam. Great fun was being had by all. But we still had eyes open back home and something started happening that raised the alert flags. Within minutes we had a dozen ship fleet formed back home, including your’s truly who was doing some of that hard logistics running, to take care of it.

Once the issue was taken care of, everyone went back to the null-sec roam to happily DIAF to a TEST bomber fleet. I went back to trying to do the hard logistics running, but as we’d rolled the static, it was more like hard exit scanning.  Seventeen wormholes later, all I had was null-sec exits. That’s life in a worm hole. It isn’t easy, and you can tire of it quickly if you stick your head in the sand and think you’ll be happy never leaving the home system.

The secret to avoiding burnout is understanding you may be based in a worm hole, but all of New Eden is at your doorstep. Many in SYJ have a fleet of ships in our C6 and a fleet of ships in high-sec. We are constantly going other places and doing other things even if that requires a blood jump. Anoikis is about exploration and change and never having to do the same thing all the time. The holes roll every day. Don’t let them roll you by.

Fly Careful

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  1. In some regards his questions assumed events that actually are not happening. It is hard to answer a question that is based on a faulty premise. And this post was not an attempt to answer those questions, merely to provide a wormholer point of view on the current state of life in wormholes. But as to your questions, those I'll try and address.

    Q. What changes are being alluded to?
    A. Three long time higher class wormhole alliances are leaving/have left wormhole space altogether or are undergoing large reorganizations. This has left more than the normal number of C6 wormholes open for occupation. However, these systems were never very heavily occupied. Suffice it to say there is even more lebensraum than ever before. However, since there was always plenty of lebensraum this deep into Anoikis, and occupancy turnover has always been rather high, it really is no big deal to us. Even when those alliances were in prime condition and operating daily, the chances of rolling into one and have a GF was low. I've been on several PvP rolling operations which ended with a couple dozen rolls of our static and no contact with anyone. The lower class wormholes are much more densely populated than the C6 level. That is precisely has it has always been. About 5% of all capsuleers live in the 2500 systems in Anoikis. If you assume CCP's 500,000 capsuleer figure, that's 25,000 capsuleers in WH space or only 10 per system. But with the majority of WH denizens preferring HS or LS statics, that means many more at at lower class wormholes than are at the higher class wormholes. They are relatively unaffected by what has happened with the “larger” alliances in the higher class wormholes. For them, it is precisely has it has always been – well, except perhaps they have fewer transports trying to make their way to known space on which to prey. They also have fewer C6 denizens trying to gank their anomaly running, etc. Maybe. Or maybe we'll just be there more often. SYJ will see what we can do about picking up any slack. *grin*


  2. I enjoyed this post, but Hisecnoob's question that started didn't actually get addressed. What changes are being alluded to? And how does one say that “there have been some changes in higher-class wormholes” and then state that wormhole space “is precisely as it has always been”?

    I think there are a few missing paragraphs here.


  3. I have nothing but respect for you wormholers. I tried living out in a wormhole for a month. With all the corporation regulations and operating procedures, it felt like being trapped in a box. But I recognize that they were necessary procedures and routines for survival out there.

    So I tip my hat to you Anoikis dwellers. Takes a great deal of mental fortitude to thrive out there.


  4. There is always one constant in the universe and that is change, W-Space will be fine.

    Well said. I live so long now in whs that i really dont notice it anymore, it has become my nature, without being a problem or a nuisance. I have adapted and love it. Before i jumped into my first wh i was so afraid, still was scared and reluctant in my first wh corp for a good month.
    Now i somehow feel the same about HS. It is so crowded and busy, without much direction, what are all those people doing there all the time i wonder? I cant stand to be there for long.

    Adjusting to living in a wh is much about attitude. First i felt like i was the prey, but nowadays the tides have turned, i am the hunter. That is much nicer. Sometimes the big sharks come, but i can still bit their tails and annoy them and get away with it. Which is an insane amount of fun.

    I also wanted to comment on your post about online gaming. I think you struck a note there.
    I have done online game for a while now and always thought it funny that some people think the stuff you do is not real. I have friendships from my time on the internet, that last and stay, people which i meet, or talked to over years and consider close friends. How is that not real?

    Always enjoy reading your blog Marbick, thanks for writing it.


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