Paranoid PI Flying

If there is one thing I do well it’s paranoia. If I had to name one thing as the reason I remained a lone wolf high-sec carebear for over four years, it would be paranoia. I just knew everyone was a liar, cheater, ganker or aspired to be one of those things. After all, isn’t that what Eve Online is billed as? It’s everyone versus everyone, and I wasn’t going to let anyone get me. And I was very successful at it for over four years.

One thing I learned early on was defensive flying. I’ve never jet can mined. I’ve never AFK mined. If I can’t take the time to warp to zero on a gate, I simply dock up until I have the time. I use fast warp outs on all the major and minor trade hubs as well as any other station I frequent. I have never auto piloted with cargo in the hold – ever. And the only reason for all of this is simple paranoia. It’s my hard work; I’ll do whatever is necessary to see it to market.

This philosophy has served me well in Anoikis. Out here, there really is a cloaked strategic cruiser behind every Customs Office. Anyone not blue is out to get you – and sometimes even the blues. There is no such thing as a safe route. Paranoia is your best strategy as a carebear.

To that end, I’ve put together an eight minute video on how to fly paranoid while doing your Planetary Interaction pickups and cross leveling. Since POCOs are fixed in space and easily camped, they are a natural ambush location. This video covers the technique I use to minimize risk and the reasons I use it. This technique is easily practiced in high-sec and you should practice: it works well everywhere. Make it a habit. It will save your cargo one day.

Watch Out

PS: I really thought about blanking certain things out of this video for operational security reasons. But it took my friend Kao Jai, whom I did not tell where home is, less than 60 seconds to figure it out. He went to the SYJ killboard and then he went to and started entering J numbers. If he could do it, anyone can do it – no offense Kao. It’s just that easy to figure out so there is no sense in hiding it.

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  1. Hehe, i think know pretty well, still it will take some effort to catch you with your tactics, i think i will employ similar things when i start my pi again.

    Thanks for a cool video. I always enjoy those, yours are never so hectic, like many others you find.


  2. Good point. I used to use the Sci-Ind window. I stopped using it because it was a right click beast. Going through the menu layers was slowing me down. My PI tab will show me hostiles in range, but I use my combat tab to refresh d-scan so it doesn't clutter my results. My combat tab is non-alliance ships only and a couple of “get the pod out” celestials. Otherwise it shows nothing else on d-scan.


  3. I follow the school of, fly cheap and dont care.
    My ship isnt worth much, my cargo is less and i dscan. I also do pi as random as possible, never the same time or order. Your tactic is pretty uncatch able, i like it. Good thing most people are slow and lazy and linger at the pocos, so i can at least shoot some 😀


  4. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, or just choose not to use it, but if you open science and industry, and go to the planets tab, you can right click on each planet and select “Customs office” then warp to and open the CO from there, no need to have them in your overview.


  5. Exactly right. I actually warp to random spots, short of actual safe points, other POS or anything not planetary or POCO, and cloak on the way. I then warp to my first PI POCO as you say. However, to keep the video as short as possible I cut that initial warp section out of the final draft. :/


  6. The other thing I would of added is not warp directly from the POS to the POCO. But rather, warp to a random safe first then go to the POCO. It is rather easy to observe the direction of a warp. Knowing then which planet is in align of that warp, and the follow the trail.


  7. Hiya Stabs, I wish I had that luxury. Two things prevent it: 1) I run on a strict 24 hour PI schedule so I have to pick up and cross level every day and 2) I run on a strict RL schedule so I have to do it when I have to do it. Otherwise I'd do as you do. In fact, I actually do use an Itty V to pick up my finished goods (I let them accumulate in the POCO until I have a hold full) to bring them back to the POS for manufacturing. When I do this, I wait until the alliance is running sites (all holes closed, I'll give up one lootshare to do it) or rolling the static (all hands present and most holes closed.) That's pretty much what you do I think. Cheers!


  8. This is how I used to PI safely when I lived in w-space.
    1) scan for sigs – no wormholes except the static means potential goo collecting day
    2) do something else while periodically pulsing the DSP – if the static cycles and no new sigs have popped up the following is very likely to be true:
    no one has a way into your wormhole
    no one stayed there overnight (ie waited until their way in collapsed).

    This means I'm alone in the hole.

    In 14 months I never got caught picking up my PI.

    While I appreciate that you're very careful I think you're missing a trick by not checking the status of entrances into your system.


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