AC4: Traveling Salesman

After taking the Great Inagua as my base of operations, I sailed for the Yucatan where I met James Kidd to learn more about The Sage. It was in the Mayan ruins there I learned The Sage is more than just a man. The Sage has existed for a very, very long time – or at least knowledge of him has, for I found his likeness carved into stone within those ruins far more ancient than me, or Kidd or any man alive.

After that experience, I was even more determined to locate The Sage. We took a fort on the southeast coast of Cuba and captured the Spanish Governor Torres. He told us he knew were the sage was – Kingston. I… convinced… him to assist us in liberating The Sage from a man named Prins. He agreed, finding the only other option, death, to be disagreeable.

So we sailed for Kingston. Here’s how Torres’ meeting with Prins went.

*** SPOILER ALERT – This video reveals major elements of a quest. Do not watch if you want to keep it a surprise! ***