To Dres and Back Again

Not long ago the incredibly brilliant Kerbal computer scientist Dr. McCarthy Kerman came to me with a proposal. “We need to map Jebediah Kerman’s neural pathways into a completely self-contained artificial intelligence capsule with a bitchin’ huge eye on top. All we need to do is send a mission to Dres for some additional information. Then we will be able to complete MechaJeb.”

“Sounds fascinating,” I said. “Why Dres?”

“There’s just something about that dwarf planet…” was all he said as he gazed off into a distance that wasn’t there in my less than spacious office in the administration building.

I halted that ominous gaze quickly with, “Sounds good. The eye’s a nice touch. Start planning the mission right away. Finish the kerbisynchronous communication satellite upgrades first. Change the name to MechJeb. The other is too much like MechaHitler.”

“Roger, ” was all he said as he wheeled and practically raced out of my office.

“Like a kid in a candy shop,” I muttered to myself.

It took nearly five years to complete the mission. But McCarthy was able to pull it off, and upgrade the communications satellites as well!

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