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Fleet Friday: Frustration

I’ve been playing World of Warships regularly since open beta began July 2nd, and by regularly I mean up to six days a week for two to ten hours a day. I have progressed to Tier VII in both U.S. cruisers and battleships, as well as Japanese destroyers. I have already researched the New Orléans class Tier VIII U.S. cruiser, but am holding off on the purchase until I have more credits and enough experience to fully upgrade it once purchased. I, like many others, hate sailing stock ships and I’m fortunate enough to have the wherewithal to convert XP to Free XP.

But I am frustrated. Though my Victories/Battles rating is up to virtually 48% (47.94% actual,) which is the highest it’s ever been, I find I am too often on the losing side because of terrible game play by team mates. And I’m not talking about the inexperienced player who over extends and gets catches fire from half of the enemy team as the reward (and thus vaporizes.) It is not bad game play to be over eager. Or the captain who went left, when hindsight showed he should have gone right. That’s just fate.

No, it’s the players who refuse to place their ship in harm’s way to accomplish the goal, which is to win. They sail to the edge of the map and refuse to assist the team because their expensive Tier IX battleship might get sank. I was in one such game, where we had twice as many ships left as the other team, and we lost to capture because the MFAs wouldn’t close with the destroyers and cruisers that were left, and the one destroyer left on our side (me,) and the one cruiser couldn’t get it done alone.

And I’m frustrated with a game where I am the primary target of the battleships just because they can so easily destroy my cruiser. Battleships were invented to fight other battleships. There is something fundamentally broken in a game where battleships kill the cruisers to allow their torpedo laden destroyers to kill the enemy battleships. There is just no incentive to get battleships to fight battleships rather than picking off the easy kills and then just trying surviving until the end of the game by running to the edges. I know you’ve all seen this…

And then there is the grind. I’ve been in a Pensacola and Colorado for so long I can’t remember what it was like in anything else. Neither ship is sucks, bit neither ship is awesome either. If I play well, I get middling credits and experience, and that’s not very encouraging. It means it takes a long time to progress into better ships. And when it comes to the U.S. cruiser line, that might not even be true. I hear and read things which lead me to believe it’s no Shangri La.

I’m becoming resentful of the amount of time I have to put into the game to progress.

So I’ve decided to ease back on the amount of time I play World of Warships. I am going to restrict it to Wednesday and Thursday nights. It’ll cut me back to four to six hours total play time a week, and progression will come when progression comes. I’m done racing to the next bigger, badder ship. The time I free up will be spent on other games.

But I am not quitting World of Warships. Not at all. There are moments when I am thrilled. Last night I had a really good game in my Hatsuharu, and a good game in my Colorado, so I stopped on the winners high. The Hatsuharu game will likely be my highlight on Sunday (yes, I will still be doing those.They’re fun!) I got a special reward for that victory. I got my first one of these:

This is the one of the new missions introduced in the last update. It must have been selected automatically for me as I didn’t even know it was active until I got it. And what a nice reward. I got one million credits and a free ship slot! As you can see in the first screen capture, at my level of play that reward equaled four really good games. That definitely helps with the grind frustration.

The other thing that would help is clan games. It is my hope that Wargaming gets this out for Christmas, because I really, really want to belong to a group of dedicated semi-casual players who want to play the game to win, not just to survive and grind. I want some assurances that every ship, no matter its class, will perform its assigned role for the sake of the team. It is not too much to ask.

“So what will I play instead,” you wonder? Good question. You should already know I am playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR.) I’m having a blast, but it’s not a game I’m going to do a lot of blog posting about. What am I going to say? Hey, I completed this quest that 100,000 other people have already completed? I don’t think so. Until I get to the Knights of the Fallen Empire content in a few weeks (my smuggler is already 32nd level and going up fast,) I’ll spare you the soporific recounting of my exploits there.

But as I’m on that subject, I did settle on a new name for my character. You remember from my initial and only post last week, I was unsatisfied with the name I’d picked, especially after learning of the legacy surname system that would tag all my characters Mabrick. Well, I settled on the name Caius. It’s a true smuggler name. I’m quite pleased with it. Who out there can tell me the significance of that name?

But SWTOR isn’t the only game I’ve decided to play leading up to the holidays. And because of what I’ve chosen, I’ll be adding a new sort of post to my Friday lineup titled Faust Friday. Is that clue sufficient to give it away? No, I’m not referencing a German protagonist with that title, though the word is German. Here, let me give you a more direct clue.

Armored Warfare Loading

Armored Warfare Loading

Any questions?

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  1. Same feelings here. Map after map, things go bad because of a mix of incompetence and plain cowardice. And it grows tiring… no matter what you do, randomly matched maps randomly end in a bit less than 50% victories and a bit less than 50% defeats, plus some odd draws… it’s like throwing a coin and makes the grind neverending.

    Admittedly there is a tough decission there: if devs allowed the best to play together, they’d end up with a few steamroller teams making life miserable to everybody matched against them. Yet by making it everything random then player feels his skills doesn’t matter and he could just throw a coin and see whether he gets 1x experience or 1.5x or 2x, map after map.

    By the way, I kill cruisers with my BB since I totally hate facing incendiary machineguns with a muzzle loading hand cannon, and so I kill them on sight.


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