The Blog Has Moved


Just a quick note to those who may be following Mabrick’s Mumblings at the direct WordPress URL or via the WordPress reader.

I have moved the blog back to Blogger where I started. WordPress was a good platform for me two years ago when I moved here, but since then they’ve kept changing the editor, and the way the site behaves from an editorial perspective, to the point it is no longer worth the money I spend on it.

I have redirected my domain back to Blogger, but I just wanted to make certain that anyone reaching this site through other means knows they can always find Mabrick’s Mumblings at,

This site will revert to a free site shortly after the new year. I will not be deleting it, though there will be no further updates. There may be advertising forced upon it. Thank you for finding your way here and please join me at the official site by clicking the link above. And as always, have a great day!

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    • Absolutely I will continue reading and commenting mrluvvaluvva. 🙂 I’ll actually keep the WordPress site as a free offering, so my account will remain active. I just won’t be placing posts upon it. All other things, including my reading list, remains the same. The reading list is one thing I still love about WordPress. I wish they’d enhance that!


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