About Me

I started using Mabrick, my game avatar/persona/handle, long before the Internet arose. I used it before multiplayer computer gaming was even invented. The fact is, I’ve gone by Mabrick for more than 30 years. I had a roommate in college who, early my sophomore year, caught me practicing my signature and initials. He looked at my real life initials, MAB, and started calling me “Mab” for short. When my other roommate heard it, he was a little  confused because my real name, Mark, is just as short. He didn’t understand why the first roommate was using “Mab.” He asked, “Like maverick?” That’s when the first roommate clarified with, “Mab, like mab, bu, bu, bu, brick.” Thus a nickname is born.

In real life I’m one of those “IT guys.” That’s a term I really dislike BTW. Like we’re any different than other people. We’re not, we just understand computers better than most. It’s a vocation, not a personality trait… ish. Before I became an IT professional 20 years ago, I was a military profession for 13. That’s a different life, different story and it doesn’t end well. But through it all there was always gaming. Besides gaming I enjoy reading/listening to good books, science, conventions, photography and rocks. Yeah, I love rocks, or more precisely the science of them; fossils too. Hey, you heard this one? “Geology rocks!” Sorry, I had to share the pain.

Well, that’s me in two paragraphs. This blog cross posts to FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter. You can find me there too.

2 comments on “About Me

  1. geesh mabrick…i’m 58. welcome to the lonewolf club, hehe. i really enjoy your blog. *sidenote, my wife plays sims on her laptop 7′ away from me. keep up the good work and keep enjoying life and having fun.


  2. That was a really entertaining story! I enjoyed reading your posts on video games and I think it’s awesome that you’re still gaming. No one is too old for gaming! 😀 Haha, nice blog, and I look forward to reading about more game adventures~


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